Sometimes a friend spends time in our life and when they are gone, they are truly, truly missed.   Cecil was one of those kinds of friends.  Animal, yes, but he could communicate better than most humans.  He had a personality as large as his head.  There was no gate he could not open and no fence he could not walk through.  Cecil lived grazing the beautiful valleys and packing the snow-capped mountains of Montana, as long as Maggie, his life partner, was with him, he was happy.  Both loved to show off marching in parades.  Everyone loved the set of huge, matching mules.  What a great life Cecil & Maggie had for 32 years.


Cecil 1980 - 2012

Partner Maggie joined Cecil in 2014.

They were truly “two of a kind” and are very missed.


Times when one or both drove us crazy.  I was hosting my daughter’s wedding reception one summer.  I had worked all summer on my flowers and by the week of the reception, the yard looked amazing.  The sunflowers were beautiful and the other flowers looked pretty wonderful.  A few days before the party, I happened to glance out the window, and Cecil had once again stepped through the fence and was eating my sunflowers a whole flowers in one bite, in his slow methodical way.  He had worked his way through about half my sunflower bed by the time I cough him.  I was so angry.  And even madder when I went outside and found out the sunflowers were dessert.  He had worked himself through the other flower beds before eating the sunflowers!  Kim