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About Our Saddle Building School

Our saddle building school has humble beginnings, but we have since trained students in the art of western saddle building from all over the world, including New Zealand, France, Sweden, South Africa, Canada, Australia, and everywhere in between.

Our mission at Montana Horseman is to teach you, regardless of where you're from, how to build a western saddle, learn leatherwork, and use this knowledge to create the future of your dreams. We welcome anyone who is interested in learning how to build exceptional saddles.

Montana Horseman Saddles | Saddle Building School

About Our Founder

In 1963, Dale Moore had five kids and was a Montana school teacher. He was a horseman at heart. And when he couldn't afford to buy a new saddle, he decided to start building them. After retiring from the Montana school system, Dale started Montana Horseman Saddle Building School with his wife, Norma. He thought a couple of people may want to learn to build a western saddle. Boy, was he wrong.


Dale brings fifty years of experience and innovation in saddle building into the saddle school curriculum. He expertly weaves his invaluable knowledge and experience into his courses. When you attend the Montana Saddle Building School, you'll learn more than you thought possible about horses and saddles.

Dale and Norma Moore | Saddle Building School

Master Saddle Builder

Dale has been a saddle builder for 50 years. He has had articles published in the Saddlers Journal and was honored as "Master Saddle Maker."

Dale Moore, Master Saddle Making Instructor  | Saddle Building School


Dale has a Master's Degree in Education. He is a retired Montana teacher and administrator. 


Dale has designed and built a forward stirrup fender that balances the rider’s weight in the saddle.  This saddle is used on Montana ranches and is a proper trail riding saddle as well as an excellent stock saddle. 

Dale Moore, Master Instructor with his saddles | Saddle Building School

In the 

Dale's grandson, Cody McDowell, joined as an instructor in 2019. Adding his own flair to generational knowledge, he is quickly becoming a master saddle builder in his own right.

Cody McDowell and Family | Saddle Building School

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