Dale brings fifty years of the art of saddle building into his teaching style, which will give you an understanding of his background as well as related information and experiences that will be integrated into the saddle building course.  Click on any of the images below to learn more about us.

  • Saddle builder for 50 years

  • Designed and marketed mule and horse related equipment

  • Mule judge at the Montana Winter Fair

  • Former Licensed Montana hunting and fishing outfitter and guide

  • Raised and trained horses

  • Grew up on a ranch

  • Has had articles published in the Saddlers Journal & was honored as “Master Saddle Maker”

  • Masters Degree in Education

  • Retired Montana teacher and administrator

  • Organized and conducted clinics in back country packing

  • Organized and conducted clinics in the use and application of various types of horse and mule equipment

  • Five children, thirteen grandchildren and six great-grandchildren (some of whom have built their own saddles, others have “Grampa” build saddles, most all have learned how to ride horses, how to pack mules and how to enjoy the Montana Wilderness from Grampa.)

Montana Horseman Saddle Building School graduates remain in close contact.  The Sheridan, Wyoming Leather Show in the spring is a great place former students meet up with Dale and Norma.  Students are always welcome to stop by the shop if driving through the area, and often call Dale for advice or just to “catch up.”

Sheridan, Wyoming Leather Show - a great place for former students to get together after taking the class.  Montana Horseman Saddle Building School has done displays in the past.