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Advanced Saddle Building




4 Weeks

About the Course

Course Content:

  • Orientation…..4 hours

  • Saddle history beginning with the early 1880’s…..2 hours

  • How the western saddle emerged and changed to meet the different demands…..1 hours

  • Western saddle building procedures and methods…..6 hours

  • Sitting saddles, inherent problems with saddles and animal conformation…..6 hours

  • Information on saddle styles for intended use…..1 hours

  • Types of leather and how to deal with inherent leather problems…..5 hours

  • Saddle building tools, sewing machines, and general procedures…..6 hours

  • Demonstration saddles, we build two, a wide swell and a slick for style…..50 hours

  • Designing and tooling to make your saddle a custom design…..4 hours

  • Each student designs and builds one custom western saddle…..107 hours


  • 4 weeks, 192 classroom hours

  • Monday-Saturday, 8 hours per day

$7,000 Tuition Breakdown*:

  • Tuition and Instruction: $4,500.00

  • Saddle Building Supplies: $1,500.00

  • Additional Instruction: $500.00

  • Room: $500.00: Your room is not included in your tuition. We have rooms in the school where you can live during your class. Each room includes kitchen items for cooking and a refrigerator for your food. Your $500.00 deposit not only ensures your place in class but will also reserve your bedroom.

Deposit required before arrival to save your place in the class: $500.00

Total due before or upon arrival not including deposit: $6,500.00

*Rates are subject to change

VA STUDENTS: Amount that will be charged to the VA not including deposit = $6,500.00

Master Saddle Building Instructor

Dale Moore

Advanced Saddle Building Course | Saddle Building School

Dale has been building exceptional saddles for over 50 years. He has a Master's Degree in Education and brings fifty years of experience and innovation in saddle building into the saddle school curriculum. He expertly weaves his invaluable knowledge and experience into his courses. You'll learn more than you thought possible about horses and saddles.

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