Attendance Guidelines

Priority: Anyone entering the school must show proof of COVID vaccination.  All students, visitors, and personnel must be vaccinated against COVID.


In order to provide as much safety and protection from the COVID virus for both instructors and attending students, the following procedures and precautions will be observed and followed:


  1. Anyone visiting the school must wear a mask. Masks are provided at the door. Students and instructors in contact with visitors will also observe the mask rule.

  2. The shop is large and adequate to provide sufficient workspace. During the first week of each class when demonstrations and close contact is necessary, the mask rule will be observed.

  3. Handwashing with soap and water as well as hand sanitizer will be observed.​

  4. The bathroom will be sanitized at the end of each workday.​

  5. Students will limit travel and contacts outside of the school.​

  6. Albertson's grocery store in Belgrade opens at 6am. The County Market opens at 7am. The laundromat opens at 7am. The school will adjust the class times to accommodate these openings.

Thank you to everyone for helping to make the saddle school a safe and rewarding experience.

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