Learn the art of
Saddle Building

Knowledge builds the saddle, experience makes the difference

“Having retired from the Montana school system, I spent my life to this point being a teacher, an administrator and with a Master’s Degree in Education, I still felt the desire to teach.  I have been building saddles and tack for fifty years.  It felt the most natural next step for me was to teach what I love, the art of saddle building.  With my wife, Norma, we founded the Montana Saddle Building School.”

Dale Moore

Montana Horseman Saddle Building School is one of the most all-encompassing schools available.  Instruction is integrated with a “hands on” “learn by doing” approach.  Five weeks of detailed instruction and assistance leads each student through design and layout to a top quality Western saddle.  Instruction includes the history of antique saddles and the makers.


Dale will make you a cup of cowboy coffee, tell you true stories about snow deeper than your horse’s belly, and fog so thick you have to trust your horse to lead you out of the Montana Wilderness.  He’ll teach you more than you thought possible about horses, mules, saddles and equipment.

Just a word from Kevin (Dale's son), "For all you would be saddle makers out there, Pops would rather not see ear buds in class."