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Three Horses | Saddle Building School

Learn the Art of Saddle Building. 

Montana Horseman Saddle | Saddle Building School

The World's Leading Saddle Building School with a Personal Touch.

Our mission at Montana Horseman is to teach you, regardless of where you're from, how to build a western saddle, learn leatherwork, and use this knowledge to create the future of your dreams.

You'll learn more than you thought possible about horses, mules, saddles, and equipment from our founder Dale Moore.


You won't leave without hearing true stories about snow deeper than a horse’s belly and fog so thick you have to trust your horse to lead you out of the Montana Wilderness. He might even make you a cup of cowboy coffee.

Over 50 Years Experience

Tap into a wealth of knowledge that has been refined over decades.

 Master Saddle Building Instructors

Learn from the award-winning best saddle builders in the world.

Immersive Curriculum

Get your hands dirty with a fully immersive, hands-on curriculum.

Marketable Knowledge

Take your newfound knowledge and create the future of your dreams.

Why Montana Horseman

Our Students

Going to the Montana Horseman Saddle Building School was a great experience.  Dale Moore runs a top notch saddle building school.  The shop is set up with anything you need to do any leather projects.  Dale is an excellent teacher who has a way of making everything understandable and is great at explaining techniques and also demonstrating them.  The accommodations are great as well.  If you want to learn how to make saddles, Montana Horseman Saddle Building School is the place to go.

Jeremy Metzler

I want to thank you for the most informative learning experience of my life.  The hands on (and there’s a lot), allows your students to excel and retain the large amount of information that is needed to become a saddle maker.  I appreciate the way you instruct about the importance of the saddle’s fit to the horse, then to the rider.  It’s understandable why your saddles work so well for both the rider and horse.  If you want the best teacher and school in the world, I highly recommend Dale’s Montana Saddle Building School.

Jerry French

I want to express my gratitude for the knowledge, experience and craftsmanship you willingly shared during my five weeks at the Montana Horseman Saddle Building School. Through each step, process and method, I appreciated the demonstrations and time you took to teach us exactly what to do, what to expect and ways to problem solve. You have given me a foundation with which I feel I can build upon to achieve success in building additional saddles. You are a true horseman and I am honored to have gotten to learn from a master saddle maker.

Ellen Repllogle

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